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Gail had never really thought of herself as a creative person. But when career aptitude tests showed otherwise, she was pleasantly surprised to hear that she scored highly in creativity. "When the psychologist told me I would be well suited to a career in brochure design I was taken aback, but after I researched the job title a bit I became intrigued with the endless creative possibilities".

If you have always had a talent for art, a career as a brochure designer might be just what you have been looking for. Designing brochures for a living is a smorgasbord of job titles all rolled into one. At a large corporation, you might be responsible for only the content, or to touch up the graphics, while at a smaller company you might be expected to brainstorm, pitch to the client, design, write and even organize the printing. When you first start out, it goes without saying that you will be making the coffee!

Who would make a good brochure designer?

A talent for art and related subjects is a sound starting point for a career as a brochure designer. If you were always the kid whose schoolwork looked like it was professionally put together, then brochure design might be your calling. After all brochure design involves equal measures of creativity and a precise nature. To be able to put together pictures, text and other elements requires a specific combination of talents. Although artistic talent is an excellent quality for a graphic designer, you will also need to have an aptitude with computers and have some people skills. You also need to be able to work under pressure, as there are often tight deadlines. It's difficult to turn your creative skills on and off on demand.

What is a brochure designer?

A brochure designer would be any member of the graphic design team that works on the creation of brochures. In larger media outlets, this job might be assigned to one particular person, or even a team of brochure designers working together. Brochure designers are regarded a graphic designers, so many of the descriptions and career profiles pertaining to graphic designers apply. If you are a brochure designer, you are responsible for the graphic design pertaining to any brochures as well as any other printed advertising that needs to be assembled. Your official job title could include layout artist, graphic designer or any number of other titles within the creative department.

How do you become a brochure designer?

There are many different paths to a career in brochure design and becoming a graphic designer. It's possible to make a successful career in the field of graphic design without formal qualification. A general Bachelors degree can serve as a great starting point, and many universities offer some great courses to take while completing your Bachelor of Arts. Depending on the institution, you might be able to take courses that are directly geared towards graphic design. Colleges also offer intensive courses in graphic design, if you are changing career paths later in life, or want to fast track yourself into a paying job, a shorter course is perhaps the best way forward.

To find a job as a brochure designer requires an extensive portfolio which showcases the best of your work. While many aspiring graphic designers choose to study, it's also advisable to gain experience and focus on creating an impressive portfolio for yourself.

Once of the most wonderful things about a career in graphic design is the constant learning that takes place. There will always be new software, new tools, and new mediums for getting your message across. If you are a self-motivated person, this career can broaden your mind throughout the course of your working life.

Why being a brochure designer is cool

Brochure designers often have a great deal of flexibility in their creative efforts. The beauty of a career in brochure design is the number of different elements on any given day. You won't be chained to desk and sitting in a cubicle for your entire working life. In the course of any working day you might attend meetings, brainstorm creatively, present ideas to clients and spend time alone making these creative visions into reality. Design Expo's and trade shows can be an amazing experience as you get to see and experience the cutting edge of graphic design.

Brochure designers have the potential to make a lot of money. One of the more lucrative niches in brochure design can be found at advertising firms, where your creative skills will be put to good use. But just because you are able to work in some of the top advertising agencies does not mean that you are obligated to a life of suits and tie's. Once you have picked up the necessary skills, a successful freelance career is possible!

Possibly the best thing about being a brochure designer or graphic designer is the never-ending potential for career growth and development.

Brochure designers of the future

The future for brilliant brochure designers is moving more and more towards electronic media. One day, expensive brochures will be a thing of the past and all brochure designers will work via the internet. This does not mean that the skills and talents needed for brochure design will become obsolete! The general trend will most likely be towards digital arts and less emphasis will be placed on paper formats. The future is online and graphic design will one day become completely virtual. This is exciting for a number of reasons but mostly because of the never-ending potential for new and exciting designs.

Gail is continuing her studies towards a BA; she is financing the bulk of her tuition fees by taking on freelance design projects in her spare time, "It sure beats waitressing!" By the time Gail graduates, she will have a solid client base as well as an impressive portfolio to show to prospective employers.

Considering a career as a graphic designer or brochure designer? Spend some time researching the options and enjoy the process of exploring the various career options within graphic design.

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